Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kanyon Wayne Poole has arrived!

Kanyon Wayne Poole January 14, 2011 6lb 11oz 20 inches

All my beautiful boys!

Home at last!

Tuckyr has been so cute with him.

Sorry you have to see me in this picture but it was one of his first pictures of us together.

Feeling very out numbered!

I scheduled to be induced Friday January 14th. I had to be there at 5am. Dr. Isbell was not able to come in as soon as I would have liked due to a C-section...so I waited. The doc came at 9:20 am, I begged for an epidural (which I should have demanded earlier), the anesthesiologist barely had time to get the medicine to take full effect (like 10:48 am) when Kanyon was born at 10:50 am. I pretty much went through labor without the meds. I should have saved myself the money :) Kanyon was healthy and that was all that mattered. On the good side my body was numb for quite a long time after. :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Day 2010 (1st of several post since I'm retarded and can't get it all in one post :)

I did this backwards so this is the end of the day, and I can't get the underline off for some reason. These are the jammies they got from Granny Kathy and the monster trucks from uncle warren. The trucks have been all over the house since they got opened.
Gpa Hemming and Tuckyr...he was in love with the Bumblebee Transformer as soon as he opened it.

The Transformers they really wanted!

Opening gifts at Gpa Hemming's house.

Tuckyr sat and played with Isaac's present he got from Santa...Optimos Prime. He wanted one so bad so I was happy to know he was going to get one later from gpa hemming.

Adorable Sammo with a bow on.

Uncle Lee brought the boys these spinning toys from Mexico...they love them!

New jammies from Granny Kathy...Tuckyr loved his Mickey Mouse ones. Also they got cars pillows and rice pack and she crocheted them all blankets! We had a wonderful Christmas. I forgot my camera in the car when we stopped at Granny Clark's to eat dinner which was awesome. We also got to talk to Elder Braden Poole for a bit which was great!

Christmas morning 2010

Mack and Tuckyr on Christmas morning. I made them stop for the picture and Tuckyr would not take his eyes off the presents under the tree for the pic. :)

I made them wait to open anything until I picked up Gma Hemming so she could watch. We ate breakfast first too...Tuckyr took about 2 bits is all but I couldn't have expected more I guess.

I guess Wayne didn't want to waste any of the scrap wrapping paper so he used it all on my present...I think it would have been easier to use a new one.

Gma was probably wore out after all the boys wild present opening and yelling but I hope she had fun.

Christmas Eve at the Reeds

Gma got these cute jammies for the boys and they had to put them on right away! Yes Tuckyr was wearing his Halloween shirt...still.

Mack's latest thing is "cheers" to everything (I'm not sure where he picked it up) but they were "cheering" their jammies with a hug. :)

Above: Daddy told them to show their muscles and "tuff" face. Skinny winny!
Below: Tuckyr loved his new tractor and loves the Big Green Tractor song. He's so cute when he sings it!

Sammy's Birthday at Bo's Warehouse

We love to go to Bo's warehouse for get togethers. The boys can play in the area below the theater seating for the big screen and we can relax and visit in the rest of the area, either the theater seating or the couches and chairs by the ping pong table and work out equipment. I wish it was ours! So this slide goes down to the kids play area, so I crawled down the low stairs to take this cute pic. (8 mos pregnant btw.)

Tuckyr always has the funniest expressions with his big brown eyes.

Sam isn't sure about Wayne, probably all the hair on his chin. He is so cute though. His one year party was fun.

Early snow in November!

The boys love to play on the huge hill of snow that piles up in our cul-de-sac. They were borrowing someone's sled (I'm not sure who's) but they love playing there when they can.

Mack and Tuckyr were able to ride their little snowmobile early this year! They were so excited. This was just the first of many rides in the back yard and around the neighborhood (with dad of course) Mack doesn't like to drive because he says he goes too fast even though the sled only goes 15 max. We don't let Tuckyr drive too much yet though...he only knows full throttle and no less!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Another video of Mack's Christmas program. He added his own moves in the program he warned me ahead of time to watch for. He was so proud of it!

Mack was cute singing with his fellow class mates in his first Christmas program. I am not a good photographer so the video is rough and I was clear in the back and kept getting heads bob in my view but oh well.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My new adventure!

Some of you already know I am no longer working, instead I am working from home...on several things. One is the clothes I have been selling for a few years off and on, the other is legal documents and drafting from home. So visit my two web site links to the side of my page to see all I can do. Tell your friends because I don't just do work for attorneys. I would love to stay working from home and I know my boys would love it too.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My attempt at blogging again...

The boys asked if they could use some foam soap while tubbing and I said "Ok." not knowing how much they were going to use. Two empty bottle later I found this. I was too busy on facebook... Tuckyr had decided to use the potty too so it was streaked accross the bathroom and all over the toilet. It was so thick, it was a layer an inch thick!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Longest post ever...since I haven't been on for 3 mos!

Mack and Granny love to play. I think the boys wore her out!
Tuckyer is a sweet boy (sometimes) :)
He's just like his dad, loves his back, neck and head rubbed.

Trip to Overton, Nevada to see Granny and Grandpa Clark. It was crazy weather! Worst blizzard ever on the way down through Spanish Fork. After staying the night there we drove on snowy roads to almost St. George and all the sudden it was 60 plus degrees and sunny! It was great once we got there.
We took Tuckyr's bike helmet to wear on the 4wheeler and he wanted to wear it in the car. He wore it the whole way!

They loved spending time with Granny and Gpa Clark.

We went to a nearby park to play. It was still over 60 degrees but Granny was so cold she wrapper her arms up in her shirt so we decided to go. While I was looking for Tuckyr I heard Mack up on the jungle gym laughing and talking to a family eating at a nearby picknick table. I went over to investigate and he had turned away laughing and pointing. I didn't hear what he said but as I turned away I caught a dark spot in the sand below where Mack was. I stopped and turned back mortified as I realized what had transpired. The family saw my face go from confusion to understanding to shock to embarassment in about 2 seconds and started laughing. I about died! He had I asked if he had done that and pointed down to the wet spot. They laughed yes and I started to apologize as quickly as I could. They just laughed and the grandpa said he would take him since they only have girl granddaughters. I took Mack down and took him over to Wayne and scolded him for peeing in public and at the very least he should have found a tree, not gone where the kids play. As we were leaving the family asked if our car is the one from Idaho. I wanted to say no and run away but didn't. The mom told me they are from IF also and live in ammon. What a coincidence. I told her I was just thinking how relieved I was we didn't know them so to not be embarrassed if we saw them again. She laughed. I hope we dont run into them even though they were nice!

We fed the giant sucker fish at Lake Mead.

Wayne fed the duck from his hands.

We went 4 wheeling 2 days. It was really fun to see the petrogliphs.

Unfotunately Tuckyr touched to exhaust on the 4 wheeler and burned his hand really bad. We didn't have ice so we dipped his hand in water. He screamed for quite a while. I felt really bad.

This is his hand a few days later. He had blisters on all 4 top fingers and a huge one in btwn his middle and ring finger.

We rode into this cave. It had alot of graffiti but was cool to see.

The second day we put the glove on Tuckyr's hand to protect it. He loves to wear gloves so he didn't mind.

Easter morning April 2009. They got lots of bubbles and loved them!

I hid eggs for Sarah and Austin to have a contest to find them. Sarah wasn't happy when she didn't win. Sarah hid eggs for Mack inside and I hid eggs for her outside. It was fun to do.
Mom and Tuckyr. Tuckyr loves to sing in their singing game that is like Kareoke.

LEE'S HOMECOMING! Lee came home April 28. We met him at the airport with signs the kids made. They loved making them and waiting for Uncle Lee.

Wayne and Jeffrey's faces when they could see Lee coming down the stairs.

Lee and Wayne hugging. Yes, Lee was crying and so was Wayne.

Tuckyr hitched a ride on Lee's luggage.

STATE BASEBALL TOURNAMENT! We went to Boise to see Braden play for Rigby High School. They won their first game that Braden pitched. It was a fun, close game. Unfortunately the lost their next two games. We had fun swimming (Tuckyr thought it was too cold) at the hotel and riding our bikes along the green belt there. It goes for miles! My butt was so sore I could hardly sit down!

We rode our bikes to the zoo and walked around. They saw lots of neat animals! Mack loved it!

Hot spectators at the final game. It was 80 something and toasty.

A boy had baby chicks that the kids loved. They kept going back to see them. Aren't they cute? The chicks too!

Mack always seem to find friends places. These three were inseperable. I thought it was cute they were holding hands.


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